The Seagull

Yale School of Drama 2012

Anton Chekhov

Director: Alexandru Mihail

Lighting Design: Masha Tsimring 

Costume Design: Maria Hooper

Sound Design: Keri Klick

Projection Design: Paul Lieber 

Photography by Solomon Weisbard

"As we are self-consciously in a theatrical space throughout, one could say the play takes place in a sort of Chekhov set of the mind, asking us to wonder what it is exactly that realist drama symbolizes. And if that’s the sort of question that young, earnest and possibly deluded Kostya would ask, so be it. Which is another way of saying that the play feels like it’s very much in the mind of Kostya" - Donald Brown New Haven Review

"Walking sticks rattle on the ground. Chairs tumble over. The stage is messy, as befits such a scattered group of jealous and love-starved malcontents. " Christopher Arnott New Haven Theater Jerk