Sincerity Project

The second iteration of an audacious 24-year performance experiment, The Sincerity Project captures the passage of time and its impact on the bodies and psyches of a group of individuals. Every two years, the same seven-person ensemble reassembles, engaging in a long-term process of creating and recreating structured performance over time. Together they piece a quilt of real lives, memories, predictions, ultimately displaying achievement of the unknown dream and loss of the unrealized future. The Sincerity Project is a theatrical anti-play ritual. It is a public accounting for the lives and communities we create. It is a true combination of life and art; an encounter with all that is beautiful and terrifying, funny and sublime.


FringeArts curated Fringe and Team Sunshine Performance Cooperation 2016

Director: Alex Torra

Set Design: Kristen Robinson

Costume Design: Natalia de la Torre

Lighting Design: Anshuman Bhatia 

Sound Design: Zachary McKenna

Photography By: Jen Cleary